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Adding a new dimension to DFT calculations of solids ...

The 27. WIEN2k workshop

will be held at

ICTP Trieste / Italy

8. April - 19. April 2024

It will be a 2 week experience giving you a lot of chances to get acquainted with WIEN2k, both in theory and in practice by a series of lectures and hand-on sessions. The workshop is supported by the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and thus there is no conference fee. In addition, a limited number of grants for participants from developing countries is available. Please note that the deadline for grant application and Visa support is 18. November 2023, while the general deadline is 5. February 2024.

For more details and application follow this link.          

Program (pdf)

Program + Videos of all talks

Lecture notes (pdf):
Blaha: Getting-started
Blaha: Wien2k on the -commandline
Blaha: software-goodies
Cottenier: hyperfine interactions
Cottenier: precision - virtual oxides
Cottenier: feedback of small-group-project
Cottenier: hyperfine interactions
Gomez: Topology
Marks: Mixing-for-dummies
Marks: Surfaces
Madsen: Boltztrap2
Madsen: Defects (Spinney)
Madsen: Machine learning
Rocquefelte: Relativity and Magnetic coupling
Rocquefelte: Optics
Rubel: Wannierfunctions and fold2Bloch
Rubel: mstar
Seriani: WIEN2K-methods-section
Tran: Advanced-DFT

Madsen: Data for Spinney Exercise


In the last years it became a tradition to have a "WIEN-workshop" every year, where both, new and experienced users can learn more about the code, get intensive hands-on training, interchange ideas and share experiences. This series started in 1993 in Vienna and subsequent workshops were held not only in Vienna, but also in Trieste (Italy), Isfahan (Iran), Kyoto and Tokyo (Japan), UCLA (California,US), IHCP (Singapore), Nantes (France), Hamilton (Canada), Boston (USA) and several times at PennState Univ. (US). If you wonder how such a workshop works checkout the following video:

26. Workshop 2019 at the TU Vienna, Austria

25. Workshop 2018 at Boston College, USA

24. Workshop 2017 at the TU Vienna, Austria

23. Workshop 2016 at McMasters, Hamilton, Ca

This workshop is now online with lecture notes, videos and hands-on exercises.

22. Workshop 2015 at IHPC, Singapore

21.Workshop 2014 in Nantes, Fr

together with the 3. International Conference on Advanced Materials Modelling.

20. Workshop 2013 at PennState University / USA (lecture notes)

19. Workshop 2012 in Tokyo, Japan

18. Workshop 2011 at PennState University / USA

17. Workshop 2010 in Nantes, France

together with the 1. International Conference on Advanced Materials Modelling

12. Workshop 2006 in Vienna

which was joined together with the DFTEM2006 conference in honor of Karlheinz Schwarz, where we celebrated his 65th birthday.

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