Program of the 28th Workshop

Plenary Lectures:

Sunday, Feb.10,2013 (Chair: Karlheinz Schwarz)

Monday, Feb.11 2013 (Chair: Frank Kubel)

Tuesday, Feb.12 2013 (Chair: Rudi Hackl)

Wednesday, Feb.13 2013 (Chair: Wilfried Schranz)

Thursday, Feb.14 2013 (Chair: Wolfgang Lang)

Friday, Feb.15 2013 (Chair: Peter Blaha)

Evening sessions

Sunday, Feb.10 2013 (Chair: Frank Kubel)

Monday, Feb.11 2013 (Chair: Peter Knoll)

Tuesday, Feb.12 2013 (Chair: Peter Weinberger) social evening

Wednesday, Feb.13 2013 (Chair: Peter Blaha)

Thursday, Feb.14 2013 (Chair: Bertram Batlogg)

Friday, Feb.15 2013 (Chair: Helge Rosner)


Each poster can be briefly presented in 3 minutes
PowerPoint presentations should be arranged with the organizer