Program of the 18th Workshop

Plenary Lectures:

Monday, Feb.24 2003 (Chair: K.Schwarz)

Tuesday, Feb.25 2003 (Chair: G. Wiesinger)

Wednesday, Feb.26 2003 (Chair: F.Kubel)

Thursday, Feb.27 2003 (Chair: P.Knoll)

Friday, Feb.28 2003 (Chair: G.Hilscher)

Evening sessions

Monday, Feb.24 2003 (Chair: D. Singh)

Tuesday, Feb.25 2003 (Chair: P. Blaha)

Wednesday, Feb.26 2003 (Chair: W.Lang)

Thursday, Feb.27 2003 (Chair: K.Schwarz)

Friday, Feb.28 2003 (Chair: R. Grössinger)


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