Pictures from the 2002 Workshop at Planneralm

After the introduction by Karlheinz Schwarz ...

... a hard week of work started:

David Singh

David Singh

Peter Rogl

Kerstin Weinmeier

Peter Weinberger

Johannes Richter

View from the lecture hall

Jean-Marc Greneche

Karlheinz Schwarz and Walter Steiner


Group photo I

Group photo II

Group photo zoomed I

Group photo zoomed II


Christine, Caro, Eloy and Werner

Karlheinz and Herbert

Roland and Engelbert

Poster session: T. Thonhauser

Poster session: G. Madsen and E. Shneyder

Poster session: R. Fachberger and G. Hilscher

Poster session: R. Sato, D. Triyono and H. Boller

Poster session: J. Greneche and W. Steiner

Poster session: R. Haas

Poster session: I. Puica

Poster session: K. Krop and P. Pongratz

Poster session: K. Krop and Philip Walther

Poster session: C. Först

Peter Blaha and David Singh


Wolfgang Lang, Tobias Enzenhofer and Thomas Bauer

K. Behina

J. Pedarnig

View from the dining hall

Peter Knoll

Thomas Bauer

Salma El-Bushra

Evening programme

Karol Krop

Damir Pajic

Snow is falling ...

Johannes Schimpl

Laptop session

Eveline and Christine

Eveline and Christine

Eveline and Christine

Valerio Bellini

Peter Pongratz

Coffee break

Herwig Michor

Gerfried Hilscher

The bar

Peter Prohaska

Peter Prohaska

Kitchen crew

Roland Grössinger

Karl Gruber

Gerhard Gritzner

Some pictures of the small village of Pürgg